Save Time

Personnel and staffing account for one of the largest expenses in a correctional facility. How your staff spend their time is one of the most important aspects in staff level planning and budgeting. Our kiosk can help your organization save time in a number of important ways.

Streamlined Request Process

With traditional paper request and grievance forms, a deputy must collect these forms and then route and deliver them to the appropriate department for a response. These forms must be copied multiple times and placed into the inmate's file. The response must then be routed back to the inmate. All of this is traditionally done by hand. With our electronic request and grievance service, all of this “paper-pushing” can be eliminated as requests simply show up for the appropriate departments and staff members automatically. Responses are routed directly back to the inmate's account on the SmartKiosk.

Reducing Requests

The easiest request to answer is the one that is never made in the first place. The SmartKiosk can display a variety of information directly to an inmate such as their commissary account balance, trial dates, charges, and other information stored in your JMS system. By exporting this information to the SmartKiosk, entire categories of requests can be eliminated saving countless hours responding to these inmate requests for basic information.

Lower Volume of Postal Mail

With our electronic messaging and photo service powered by, inmates and their families tend to send less mail through the postal service meaning fewer envelopes to open, search or test for drugs, and then deliver through to the inmate housing areas.

Instant Access to Message Contents

When using traditional postal mail, if an investigator wants to monitor an inmate's mail, a special effort must be made to intercept and copy their correspondence entering and leaving the facility. With our electronic messaging service, all communications are retained and searchable even after the inmate is released or transferred. Accessing and searching our electronic message database is much faster and easier than tracking down and reading physical mail.

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