Save Money

Many correctional facilities are underfunded and continuously looking for ways to improve effectiveness with lower annual budgets. Our kiosk can provide a number of time and cost saving solutions to your correctional facility that can directly impact your operational budget.

Papers Please!

First and foremost, the SmartKiosk system helps your staff save time through reducing the amount of paper that must be moved, tracked, and filed. Converting processes such as commissary ordering, mail, and request and grievance forms to electronic processes much of this paper can be reduced or eliminated. The time savings alone can be converted to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in improved productivity for a facility of a given size.

Leverage Technology

Next, expenses can be reduced simply through a reduction in the number of paper forms that are consumed by transitioning to electronic request and grievance handling. Fewer forms need to be printed or ordered, moved around, and then copied multiple times saving copy paper and toner. Once these forms are finalized they need to be filed and then stored for a number of years. Moving all of this to an electronic platform reduces the need for physical filing, making the documents readily available and easily searchable, further reducing costs.

Let Us Count the Ways...

The SmartKiosk system can help to reduce direct and indirect expenses totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars each year when fully implemented.

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