Request & Grievance Process

One of the less glamorous aspects of housing inmates is managing and processing their requests. Requests for legal materials; requests for books; requests for a better cell assignment; requests for information such as court dates, charges, or release date. Many inmates have a seemingly endless supply of wants and needs which must be managed and responded to.

Photo of a man trapped behind a wall of paper files. Our kiosk helps correctional facilities manage this workload by streamlining and significantly reducing the paperwork around inmate requests and grievances. First, we can display any data you like to the inmate directly on the kiosk. Displaying information such as release date, charges, court dates, visitor lists, etc. can help to eliminate entire categories of requests from inmates since they can see it all on their own.

Next, the requests that do remain can be submitted directly through the kiosk and properly routed to the appropriate department or individual. These electronic requests are centrally tracked and managed eliminating the need to shuffle paper forms around the facility. It also adds accountability in that requests cannot be lost once they are in the system. Requests can also be responded to electronically allowing inmates to get answers more quickly.

Request data is housed on our managed servers and regularly backed up. We maintain copies of records for as long as your retention period requires and provide backup copies of all data to your IT department for safekeeping as well. Requests can additionally be printed in a form suitable for filing if necessary.

We have nearly eliminated paper request forms by moving inmate requests to the SmartKiosk. Inmates get answers more quickly and the number of duplicate requests has reduced dramatically.

Electronic requests are also fully searchable to quickly locate a specific request that might be mentioned in a grievance or other proceeding. Information can be accessed instantly even years after an inmate has been released from custody.

Additional time can be saved by setting pre-defined responses to common requests that can be selected and then modified as needed or sent back to the inmate as-is.

Our grievance process builds on this by adding options for an appeal process as part of the workflow. We can customize the request or grievance workflows to suit your specific needs.

Another benefit of electronic request management is reporting. All of this data can be used to generate reports for internal use or accreditation if needed, saving additional time and resources.

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