Remote Video Visitation

SmartKiosk Remote Video Visitation is designed to help your facility in several ways.

Woman chatting through computer Remote video visitation reduces foot-traffic into the jail. Since family and friends, attorneys, clergy, and others can visit with an inmate from their home or office, there is no need for them to visit the jail and have to go through security checkpoints.

The inmate uses the kiosk in their housing area, reducing inmate movement within the facility. Staff and inmate interaction is also reduced as a result, saving countless hours and reducing the resources required to support inmate visits.

Contraband entering the facility is also reduced when face-to-face visits are minimized or eliminated*. Our SmartKiosk Remote Video Visitation uses the same multifunction SmartKiosk that enables our other services, eliminating the need for multiple kiosk vendors in the housing areas where space may be limited. Our SmartKiosk is a true "Does-It-All" kiosk solution.

Scheduling inmate visits can be challenging, and reducing the scheduling burden on staff was one of the primary design goals of the SmartKiosk Remote Video Visitation service. Scheduling can be automated through our website where friends and family members can select an available visitation time without the need to involve jail staff. Our scheduling system smartly handles inmate housing changes and other factors that may disrupt the visitation schedule. Alternately, visits may be operated similar to the telephones where an inmate may initiate a visit to any available contact on-demand without the need for scheduling.

Security and monitoring are also important factors with any visitation system. All visits are recorded and saved to meet your data retention requirements. All visits can be monitored in real-time as well as interrupted or terminated by jail staff as deemed necessary.

Our secure, flexible remote video visitation system gives your facility total control over the visitation process, reducing daily headaches and operational cost while adding additional revenue to the facility.

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* Where permissible by State or local law. Some jurisdictions now require face-to-face visits be made available to inmates.