No Capital Expenditure

Many technology vendors are still living in the past and asking overburdened correctional facilities to purchase their inmate kiosk solutions. Several commissary vendors are promoting their own kiosk solutions which must be purchased separately by the jail which leads to capital expenditures and additional budget planning, not to mention vendor lock-in.

We recognize that many correctional facilities are underfunded and/or understaffed as it is, so we have designed our inmate kiosk solution to be free of charge to the correctional facility. There is no out-of-pocket expense required and no hardware or software to purchase. We install and maintain the inmate kiosk system at no cost to the correctional facility. We even provide our own Internet connectivity and data network so that your IT department can rest easy knowing that we will not interfere with existing systems or add to their workload.

NOTE: As a business we must evaluate each location independently and in some cases the no-cost installation option may not be available due to economic constraints, unusual construction, or low ADP to capacity ratio, large number of small/linear housing areas, and other factors which may impact our ability to offer a no-cost installation. Each facility will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and we will make every effort to provide all installation at no cost wherever possible.

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