Inmate Law Library

In nearly every jurisdiction, providing access to a library of legal information is a legal necessity. Providing inmates with access to this information can be troublesome because you normally have to bring the inmate to the information, whether in the form of a physical library or more recently to a dedicated law library computer or kiosk at a single location within the facility. The SmartKiosk solves this problem by bringing the library directly to the inmates.

We have partnered with the most prestigious legal resource providers in the industry to provide inmates with self-service access to legal information right on the SmartKiosk installed in the inmate housing areas.

Inmate movement, staff involvement, and capital outlay are no longer necessary parts of giving inmates access to the legal information they require. By delivering a world-class law library through the housing kiosk, this burden is completely removed from your agency. Restrictions per housing area or per inmate allow access limits to be set as needed. Additionally, the amount of time each inmate spends using the law library is tracked and audited to provide evidence of use if necessary (their searches and documents accessed remain private, however).

Reduce inmate and staff movement within the facility by providing your inmates with electronic access to the law library through the in-pod SmartKiosk.

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