Improve Security

Investigators continually strive to gain as much information as possible about inmate communications. Traditional postal mail contains valuable information to help investigators, but because it is on paper and not readily available, searchable, or even retained in many instances, its value is severely restricted.

The SmartKiosk provides an electronic messaging component powered by which overcomes all of these challenges. Our electronic messaging service is fast and convenient for inmates and their families which means it gets used more, and more often, than postal mail. It is also fully searchable on-demand, 24-hours a day. All messages are retained in the database and available even after an inmate has been released. Our built-in translation system can also translate messages from several languages to English, further increasing value and visibility to investigators.

Additionally, the service can monitor all electronic communications for keywords that you specify and notify one or more people about the message, or quarantine it for review before allowing its delivery. This system provides unparalleled flexibility and insight into inmate communications like never before.

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