What's in that box?

You've seen how the SmartKiosk inmate kiosk system can benefit your facility, but what does it do? We're glad you asked...

Requests & Greivances

Our request and grievance system will save you time, money and headaches. more

Commissary Ordering

Improve commissary order accuracy and gain leverage over your vendor. more

Electronic Messaging

Inmates can keep in touch with family through an e-mail style interface. more

Digital Photos

Digital photos reduce your mail volume and clutter in housing areas. more

Automated Monitoring

Keyword watch lists automate pro-active monitoring of inmate communications. more

Inmate Law Library

Bring world-class legal research tools right to the inmate housing areas. more

Remote Video Visitation

Friends and family can now visit from home using our video chat service. more

Easy to Use

The SmartKiosk inmate kiosk system was designed so that anyone can use it with minimal or no training. more

Learn why SmartKiosk is being called the Win-Win solution for the corrections industry!