Electronic Messaging

One of the most innovative features provided by the SmartKiosk is the electronic mail function powered by SmartJailMail.com. This feature allows inmates to contact their friends and family through a system very similar to e-mail that has been specifically designed for use in correctional facilities.

Providing access to electronic mail provides a number of benefits to the correctional facility. Use of SmartJailMail.com helps to reduce the overall volume of postal mail entering and leaving the facility. Instead of handling mail for free, we reduce that burden and share a portion of the revenue with the facility.

SmartJailMail.com messages can be automatically monitored for keywords that your investigators choose for your specific needs (we can provide a list of suggested keywords to start if desired). Keywords are highlighted in the message body so you can quickly locate the relevant portions of the message.

Unlike postal mail, which is usually delivered through to inmates with no record of the contents of the message, SmartJailMail.com messages are retained for a number of years even after the inmate has been released. Messages are fully searchable to quickly locate content as needed, and the searched keywords are also highlighted for your convenience.

The inmates love using the e-mail feature on the SmartKiosk. It has cut down on our physical mail volume, and the detectives have found valuable evidence in the messages and photos that pass through the system.

Many inmates communicate in languages other than English, so our management console has integrated translation tools which allow messages to be quickly and automatically translated to English so that investigators can determine if a message is of interest or not.

Electronic messages can also be delivered in near real-time which increases communication between inmates and their loved ones at affordable rates while increasing facility revenue. This increased communication helps lower recidivism rates and improve inmate behavior.

Lowering the volume of postal mail, providing enhanced tools to investigators and law enforcement, and improving inmate morale through improved communication are just some of the benefits that our SmartJailMail.com electronic messaging solution provides your correctional facility.

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