Easy to Use

The kiosk that is used by inmates, as well as the web-based management console used by jail staff and investigators has been designed to be as easy to use as possible to reduce the time required for training for both inmates and staff members.

The inmate kiosk uses an intuitive full keyboard and trackpad and a large display that allows for quick and easy entry of messages, requests, and commissary orders. The interface is designed using standard Internet-based interface components to provide a familiar interface that most people have had contact with at one point or another. The kiosk provides built-in guidance and help which allows inmates to set up their own accounts, create a password, and send connection invitations to friends and family without any training or guidance from staff members.

The management console is a web-based application that can be used by jail staff and investigators from any Internet-enabled computer. All of our services are centrally managed so there is no software or hardware to maintain by the jail's IT department. The management console uses standard Internet interface controls that most people are familiar and comfortable with. Built-in help and support are included with the service, and we will provide training to your jail staff as needed to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the systems.

The management console also provides granular security controls so that each staff member only sees what they need to see to complete the tasks that they are assigned. For example, a mailroom user may review messages and photos, but not control the keywords and actions set up by investigators. An investigator, however, may control the keyword list and view messages and photos but not take any actions on them.

If there are ever questions, our world-class support team will ensure that any questions are answered. We consider the correctional facilities we work with to be partners and are continuously looking to improve our tools. Our developers routinely work directly with staff to improve the management console and provide new reports and access to information that better serves your staff and makes their jobs easier and more effective.

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