Digital Photos

In addition to our electronic messaging service, the SmartKiosk can allow friends and family members of inmates to send digital photographs to the inmate kiosk through Allowing digital photographs to be sent to the kiosks further allows postal mail to be reduced resulting in a time and cost savings to the correctional facility. Revenue from digital photos, like electronic messages, is shared with the correctional facility.

Digital photos, like physical photos sent through the mail, can be reviewed by staff before being delivered through to the inmate kiosk. The photo review process has been designed to be as fast and easy as possible. Dozens of photographs can be reviewed within a matter of a few minutes. Photos may be immediately approved or rejected at the facility's discretion. If a photo is questionable it may be simply flagged and set aside for a decision to be made at a later time.

The management system also allows for view-only access to all inmate photos which can be used by investigators to review the photos that an inmate is receiving as needed. Even photos that are rejected are kept in the database in case they need to be reviewed later. Information about the sender of the photo is also retained even if they close their SmartJailMail account.

Allowing digital photo delivery through the kiosk can help to reduce the time and costs involved with processing photos sent through postal mail, reduce the cleanup required when an inmate is released (e.g. a digital photo cannot be pasted to a cell wall with toothpaste), and can also help to improve inmate morale as it encourages friends and family to send more photos which can be processed and delivered to inmates more quickly and cost-effectively while also providing a boost to the revenue shared with the correctional facility.

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