Commissary Ordering

Potato Chips It is a fact that many commissary vendors are promoting inmate kiosk solutions to better manage commissary orders and accounting. Unfortunately, many of these kiosk solutions are single-purpose commissary terminals that only serve to further lock the correctional facility into a contract with a specific commissary vendor, and in many cases cost the facility money for either the kiosks themselves or the installation of electrical or data network services to support them. A reduction in commissary commissions for many years is not ususual to cover this cost.

The SmartKiosk can provide the same benefits (automated commissary order management) without the negative impacts of a vendor-specific commissary kiosk. The SmartKiosk provides a commissary order placement system to the inmate and then sends these orders off to your commissary vendor for processing regardless of who your current contract happens to be with.

Using our kiosk solution prevents a commissary vendor from gaining leverage in contract negotiations by providing a vendor-neutral platform to work from, and a common interface for inmates to use even if you change service providers.

After installing the SmartKiosk we were able to stop using bubble sheets for commissary orders. Order accuracy improved drastically and the average order value increased as well. The inmates are happier, our commissary vendor is making more money, and we are earning more in commissions than ever. Everybody wins!

Our easy-to-use commissary management system allows your staff, or your commissary vendor, to manage items that are available, prices, item availability, tax rates, and much more. Once orders are collected we can process them out to your vendor on a schedule you can customize, or interact with their data API in real-time if available.

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