Automated Monitoring

Monitoring inmate communications can be a huge challenge. Whether it is by phone, postal mail, or our own electronic messaging service, investigators are charged with the task of sifting through a mountain of information to find out what they need to know or prevent unauthorized communications.

Our electronic messaging solution, powered by, provides powerful tools for automatically monitoring communications between inmates and public users.

Investigators may manage a list of keywords which the system will look for in every message that crosses through the system. When one of these words are found, a message can simply be flagged for later review and allowed to pass through, or it may be quarantined and require a review prior to delivery. Inmates are not notified or made aware of any of these actions as they occur transparently in the background. Additionally, proactive notifications can be sent to investigators or staff members when certain words are found in messages (e.g. for a suicide notification).

Some inmates may communicate in languages other than English, so we also provide built-in translation tools which can translate messages into English and allow investigators to save time and gain further insight into communications more quickly.

These proactive monitoring tools can allow investigators and staff to quickly identify situations that need to be addressed or collect evidence from the electronic messaging system and offer a valuable tool that can be implemented quickly and without cost to the correctional facility.

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