Automate Reporting

Accreditation is an important task for many correctional facilities. Unfortunately, a massive amount of time and effort must be put forward to generate the necessary reports and paperwork that are involved in showing that your facility meets accreditation standards. By using the SmartKiosk and our inmate request forms and grievance procedure system, you can save a significant amount of time and effort and generate many of these necessary reports automatically.

When inmates use paper request forms, they must be tracked and copied to multiple departments and ultimately to the inmate's file. Then, someone has to go back through these records to tabulate the figures for each request type, outcomes, and usually break these down into monthly reports. Depending on the size of the correctional facility, we have heard estimates that between 40 and 250 hours are put into preparing these required reports.

When inmates use the electronic request service, this information is stored automatically and reports can be generated at any time with the click of a button. Our electronic request service has an added benefit in that requests cannot be lost or misplaced which cuts down on inmate complaints that requests never get answered. Being an all electronic service, it also allows requests to be answered more quickly resulting in fewer requests overall, and fewer duplicated requests.

We can work with your Accreditation Officer to develop reports based on any of the information stored in the SmartKiosk database. Generating reports based on this data is faster and more accurate than sorting through paper request forms. Anyone involved in the process of creating those reports will appreciate the simplicity and accuracy that the SmartKiosk system can provide.

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